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6 Great Reasons for a New Kitchen Renovation

6 Great Reasons for a New Kitchen Renovation

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That new kitchen renovations is quickly becoming the top renovation project for many homeowners. This is because people are generally spending more time in the kitchen as opposed to other rooms in their homes. The kitchen has become the central hub of the home for not only cooking, but also to socialize, do office work or homework, and get together with your friends and family members to eat meals or just talk. With that said, many homeowners are now choosing to jump on the kitchen makeover bandwagon and for a variety of reasons that we will list below.

1. Guaranteed Return on Investment

The biggest motivation to undertake any home improvement project is the promise of reaping a good return on investment. Now, you may be wondering, “I’m not planning a kitchen renovation so that I can sell my house.” Well, while you may not be thinking of selling right now, a day may come when you might and getting a good return on the investment should be one of the considerations you make when investing your time and money on a renovation project.

When you decide to part ways with your house, you will enjoy the added benefit of being able to easily market your home. Showing that modern kitchen that has all the latest fittings and appliances will make your home undoubtedly more appealing to potential buyers.

2. Transform Your Kitchen To Match Your Lifestyle

Renovating your kitchen offers you a rare opportunity to enhance the aesthetics, flow of function of the space. Perhaps the previous owner didn’t require seats in the kitchen but adding a beautiful island with a few stools may be an excellent addition for a quick bowl of soup at lunch.

This is an opportunity to improve the lighting or add some additional lights. This may be a great opportunity to get rid of those outdated lights and upgrade them with some new lights that match the existing modern interior decor of the house.

New cabinets can be customized to improve functionality. For instance, you add a spice jar rack pullout at the base of the cabinet to create a space where you can put your frequently used spices. You can add another pull-out drawer under the new sink to keep your recycle or garbage bins.

When choosing a design for your new kitchen, you’ll want to incorporate some pan and deep pot drawers. They can be used for more than just pans and pots. You can use them to store small appliances, keeping pantry items like sugar, flour, etc. in glass masons, food storage containers, or storing your bowls and plates.

3. More Frequent Meals at Home

This may sound like a trivial reason to do a kitchen makeover, but doesn’t it make sense that having a kitchen with more space and better appliances could result in cooking more meals at home as opposed to ordering restaurant meals or takeout.

Having a functional, appealing and comfy kitchen to work in, you might want to do more cooking, prepare meals and in general, and just spend that much more time in this wonderful space you created?

Why not increase your counter space for better manoeuvrability? It’s usually in short supply, and when you have enough space for meal preparation, you’re more likely to cook for your family at home.

Also, meal preparation at home means that you will be eating more homemade food, which is in many ways considered healthier than what you would find at a take out or commercial establishment. You’d know every ingredient that’s going into the food you’re eating. No artificial ingredients, preservatives, or excess amounts of MSG or salt. You can also control the fat quantity and quality when preparing your own meals. Oh and lets not forget all the money you save when you stop eating out so much.

4. Easier Clean Up

Hygiene is extremely important in kitchens because it is where food is stored and prepared. The kitchen needs to be cleaner than other rooms in the house because this is where people and food interact. Making sure you have a hygienic environment where germs are eliminated is crucial to maintaining the family’s health and well-being. Old kitchen cabinets door handles, for example, can sometimes be difficult to clean.

There’s plenty of low maintenance building materials that you can use in your new kitchen renovation. Lacquer finished MDF cabinets, for one example, are easier to clean and maintain. Plank flooring is very durable and can be cleaned using a daily sweep or a damp mop. Also, changing the floor plan and design of your kitchen can also make things easier for you to clean your kitchen.

5. Energy Star

It’s always advisable to install new kitchen appliances during a renovation project. Removing that old energy-hogging dishwasher, stove or fridge and replacing it with a new energy star appliance will save you a lot of money as well as reduce the carbon footprint. Not to mention, financial saving on utility’s in the long run.

6. Degradation

Probably the biggest reason for a new kitchen renovation is if it’s simply in a terrible state. Outdated appliances, missing or broken cabinet doors or hinges, peeling counter-tops, and cracked tiles don’t inspire family gatherings or gourmet cooking. A deteriorated kitchen no longer serves its purpose and needs to be renovated ASAP!

If the kitchen is in bad shape, then it’s time for a makeover. This is a key motivator that will increase the value of your property and enjoy more meals in your new space. The benefits of a renovation far outweigh the cost or initial investment you have to put in.

If you don’t have a sufficient budget for a kitchen renovation right now, there are plenty of options and things you can do to transform your worn-out kitchen without spending too much money. For instance, you can upgrade the lighting or add more lights. Alternatively, you can remove that stained and outdated laminate counter-top and upgrade to a more modern quartz counter-top. You may choose to reface your cabinets instead of getting rid of them altogether. Talk to a renovation professional, review your budget with them, and let them help to give you appropriate recommendations.


Kitchen renovations may require a substantial investment on your part, thus, it can sometimes be difficult to make that decision to move forward and take the plunge. We hope your review of some of the plus’s we’ve highlighted above will help. If you’ve been undecided about whether to renovate your kitchen, keep in mind you’ll enjoy a good return on investment, emotional satisfaction (joy of having a new kitchen), and you’ll ultimately enjoy your home even more.

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